TRIUS wants to make your home more comfortable.

We are an energy efficiency company. It's our job to analyize your home's energy performance and find ways to improve it!

The greater Seattle area is known for being energy conscience in many ways, and we strive to be a contributing force to that end! If your concerned about the gas mileage of your vehicle, you should most certainly be concerned with how your home performs!

Working with homeowners, builders, architects, and other energy conscience businesses, we are making your home's environment more comfortable, cleaner, and healthier. 



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Blower Door Testing

Assisting contractors and home owners. For testing new homes for energy code. Also existing homes to assist in making them more energy effecient

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Energy Consulting 

Offering air-sealing and insulation consulting for mulit-family projects and new residential

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Duct Leakage Testing

An air leakage test on a duct system helps builders meet energy code requirements. This test also helps home owners that have upgraded exisiting furnace systems with meeting permit requirements by testing the energy efficiency of your duct system.

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*Disclaimer: This site has been managed by Santos Eccles and Trius Building Analyst and has no legal connection to Trius Home Performance LLC. Trius Home Performance LLC was a business that operated from 1999- early 2016 but is no longer a valid business entity.