Trius Home Performance makes your home more comfortable. 

We are an Environment Company. It's our job to look after your environment and make it a better place for you, and for future generations.

Your environment is the air you breathe, the comfort you feel, the water you drink and the floor you walk on. Working with architects, builders, homeowners, businesses, government and society as a whole, we are making your environment more comfortable, more efficient, cleaner and healthier. 

The Environment Company. Out there, making your environment a better place.

Listen to our customer, Linda Z, talk about how we increased the comfort of her home:

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Heating & Cooling

Save money on utility bills, reduce your environmental impact, and create a healthier indoor environment -- all while improving your home's comfort.

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Improve your home's comfort and reduce energy bills throughout the year with our expert insulation install services, including attic insulation, wall insulation and more.

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Windows & Doors

We determine whether replacement windows for your home would make sense from an energy efficiency standpoint, and offers energy efficient replacement window & door installation.

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