Insulation and Air Sealing Consulting

Properly air sealing and insulating a building can be more technical and difficult than people think. Figuring out between all the various insulating products can also be challenging.  Trius offers consulting and project management for accomplishing the best outcome for a building's energy performance. We can also test the performance of a building before and after to see the measured improvements!

Since Trius has no in-house crew, we sub-contract insulation work to a few small companies we trust and have close relationships with.  




All of us know that hot air rises, however many homeowners neglect to inspect their attic for proper attic insulation. Improperly installed or inadequate attic insulation is a leading cause of heat loss in the home, and consequently attic insulation should be checked prior to each winter.  






The Crawlspace for many is often mysterious foreboding and unseen part of the house where few dare to venture. It’s also an integral part of your home, housing critical elements such as plumbing, electrical and heating/ventilation components. It is literally the foundation of your home and an unchecked crawlspace can drastically impact the structure of the home itself.







Properly insulated exterior walls in your house will not only increase comfort but also help you save on heating and cooling costs. For energy savings, you can add insulation to your walls in an existing house. If you're building a new house, you have many energy-efficient wall insulation options to consider.