Community Power Works is ending soon!!

Save BIG with instant rebates!

Bids must be signed by June 1st and the work completed by August 1st to qualify for Community Power Works rebates and quality assurance. Utility rebates will remain available after June 1st. Rebates are subject to change.

Energy Savings Incentive

It’s simple. Save more energy, get more rebates. Our approved contractors help you choose the best upgrade measures for your home, which then determine your Energy Savings (%) using the Energy Performance Score (EPS) tool. Again, more energy saved means more rebates earned!

High-Efficiency Heating Incentive

Is your oil furnace burning money? Increase your efficiency by 90-200%; switch from oil to a ductless electric heat pump; —and save $1,500. Switch from oil to a ducted electric heat pump; —and save $1,200.
Sample bid: Oil → Electric

Switch from oil to gas heat; increase your efficiency by 35%—and save $350!
Sample bid: Oil → Gas

Oil-Heated Home Rebates

If you stay with oil, you can still be more efficient. When you upgrade to a high-efficiency oil system or weatherize your home, Community Power Works will match existing Puget Sound Energy weatherization rebates. (NOTE: Rebates apply to non-heating measures—such as insulation, air sealing, and windows—and oil, wood, or propane-heated homes ONLY.)
Sample bid: Oil → Oil

Please note: Community Power Works rebates are ONLY available to Community Power Works participants and cover up to a maximum of 50% of
the total project cost after taxes and before subtracting utility rebates.

Utility Rebates

Utility rebates can help you save an average of $900 on your project! If your home is heated by gas, you are eligible for Puget Sound Energy weatherization rebates. If your home is heated by electricity, you are eligible for Seattle City Light weatherization rebates, which are ONLY available to Community Power Works participants.


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