Linda Z.
"Trius changed my home and in the process changed my life."  Listen to her explain.
Peggy C. - Seattle
  "We definitely have lower energy bills and the house is more comfortable"
Gordon G. - Seattle
  " I want to say that your crew was really good. They're really good people...very professional. I trusted them and that's saying something because I don't trust everyone in my home."
Tracy F. - Seattle
  "We've noticed the home is more even tempered and for the first time our pipes didn't freeze this winter. That's a big deal. You rock! Your awesome!" 
Dasheill J. - Seattle
  "...much quicker to heat the house and stays warm longer. The furnace fan seems to stay off more."
Mali P. - Seattle
  "...the heating bill is down by a third and the house is much quieter. Your crew was very professional."
Janet C. - Ephrata
  "We turn off the heat completely at night now."
Donna Long - Kittitas
  "...noticeable improvement. I've only turned on my heater a few times this winter. I'm real happy with everything."
Diana F. – Redmond
  "We just had this work done, and I am very pleased with the results." 
Annelisa S. - Seattle
  "My house was insulated by Trius Home Performance (they finished the work on 11/9/2011) and instead of the furnace running once an hour throughout the night to keep the house a cold and drafty 69F it was last night running twice during the whole night and kept it a cozy 69 F. This is one happy happy customer! If you thinking about getting your house insulated do it! It is worth the money that you will save and don’t forget the rebates (money straight into your pockets). It will be interesting to see what next month heating bill is considering the heating bill when the average temp… (read more)